Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Law

Q1: I quitted my job, but my company doesn't pay me my last salary.

As for wages, an employer has an obligation to pay the full amount on a fixed payday. Also, in case of
resignation, the employer is obliged to pay the last wages within 7 days on the worker's request.
 If the company does not pay you on a fixed payday or not pay you within 7 days from your request, it is a violation of Labour Standards Law. Therefore, if you request the company to pay and still your wage
is not paid, please consult the competent Labour Standards Inspection Office or Inspection Division
at Aichi Labour Bureau.

Q2: I would like to know about the annual paid leave. Because the boss says that we have no annual paid leave.
Labour Standards Law stipulates the annual paid leave. And Labour Standards Law applies to all work
places, which employ workers. As for legally stipulated annual paid leave, the company shall grant it at
the period requested by a worker except the case that the employer exercises the employer's right to
change the period.
 In the event that the leave you took is dealt as an absence, and the wage is not paid, it is a violation of
Labour Standards Law.

Q3: I am going to work at a company, but the company just promised me verbally and does not give me written contract for employment period, wages and others.

In concluding a labour contract, an employer shall clearly state wages, working hours, employment period and others to the worker in written form.
 If the employer does not clearly state working conditions or just state verbally, it is a violation of Labour Standards Law. (Model Notice of Employment)

Q4: I was fired without any notice in advance, but the company did not pay me a dismissal allowance.

In the event that an employer wishes to dismiss a worker, the employer has an obligation to provide at
least 30 days advance notice or to pay the average wages for 30 days as a dismissal allowance. If the
employer does not give 30 days advance notice, the employer has an obligation to pay a dismissal
allowance. However, there are some exceptional cases.
 Please note that this does not apply to workers in a probationary period and who does not exceed
14 days or workers who are employed not longer than two months.

Q5: I was injured while working. I would like to know about the compensation.
 While I am absent from work, I cannot receive any money.

In the event a worker was injured while on duty and has been unable to work due to medical treatment,
the Absence Compensation Benefit is granted to the worker by Workers' Accident Compensation
 As for the wages, the employer has an obligation to pay for the period the worker actually works.
Therefore, regarding the period the worker is absent for medical treatment, generally the employer
does not have obligation to pay the wages.

Q6: I am afraid that the company may dismiss me if they know that I asked or made a report to
the Labour Standards Inspection Office.
Labour Standards Inspection Offices do not tell the content of the case to the company without
the worker's consent.
Also, it is possible for the worker to make a report anonymously. However, regarding such case as
non-payment of wages to secure the worker's right, the Labour Standards Inspection Office cannot
handle the case without telling the worker's name to the company.
 An employer shall not treat the worker disadvantageously, for example, dismiss the worker, by reason of
the worker's having made a report to the Labour Standards Inspection Office.

 For further information, please contact Advisor for foreign workers mentioned above or
Labour Standards Inspection Offices.



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